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to share my passion for fashion with Karla Mironov

"Karla Jean, hairstylist to the stars!
Well, I’ve handled a small handful of celebrities, but my greatest achievement might be less impressive to some. As a budding hair stylist I had to overcome the voices in my head that said, “You are not enough. You will disappoint, so better not to try at all than to try and fail!” I was even told by an exotic Russian beauty that I was not pretty enough to be a hairstylist. My biggest achievement? Not listening to her! I listened to the voice in my head that said, “you were #2 out of 50 in your university fine art class.” Nadia doesn’t know that!” (Name has been changed) And to another voice that said, “you don’t need permission to pursue your dream!” So, I followed my dream and my first hair salon was born in NYC!
Now I have a private studio here in Charleston, SC called Karla Jean Studio. I specialize in the John Sahag dry cut technique and am a L’Oréal-trained master balayage artist.

What made you decide to pursue your dream?

I knew 9-5 cubicle desk job was not for me! Creativity runs in my veins and is a driving force in my life. But, I love helping people feel alive and beautiful! When I discovered a way to make those two worlds collide I knew being a hairstylist was for me!

What skills do you think are important for a successful career?

Oh, never assume anything! Ask questions til you’re blue in the face, if you must! But get your understanding from the source. Don’t gossip. The world is a lot smaller than you think and you can’t unsay anything! You can be incredibly talented and not respected and that will destroy your business.

What role do you think social media plays in your niche today?
Quite a strong role. Particularly before and after shots on Instagram! People love to see other women with similar hair challenges because it gives them hope that their hair can be beautiful too!

What service do you recommend to women entrepreneurs who are reading this interview?

Really, even if you can’t afford fancy hair color services at least don’t do your own color at home. Find a stylist that can work within your budget for what you need. Stylists can spot a home color job a mile away because we can see the buildup and damage on the hair. When women use home-color a number of negative things happen to the hair. But, the biggest problem I see is a waxy buildup that collects on the hair making it stiff and lifeless. It’s sometimes reversible, but costly and time consuming. A much better deal to do it right the first time!

What is your next step in your career, and where would you like your career to lead you to?

I’m in a reinvention phase right now! It’s exciting, yet daunting. I’ve recently studied with editorial stylists for both runway and print and have recently had my work published in my first magazine, so that’s fun! I’d like to do more creative work like that while telling meaningful stories through my creations. I’m also on an educator team and am working on creating a collection of haircuts that we will teach this year in various salon educational environments throughout the US.Thank you for this opportunity to be part of your beautiful blog!

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