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Today, It's an honor

to share my passion for fashion with Brittney Coke

My name is Brittney Coke of Classify Beauty. I am a fashion designer, style influencer, stylist, hair stylist, makeup artist, entrepreneur, model, YouTuber, content creator, and pageant girl to name a few. I was selected as an official delegate for the 2019 Miss Florida USA pageant. I am the Ms. Treasure Coast Title holder and I competed in the Ms. Florida pageant. Most recently I was selected to compete in the Ms. World Pageant as the Ms. Petite Florida contestant.

I guess you can say I’m well rounded. I am the owner of @classifybeauty.

My greatest accomplishment has been expanding from a blog to a brand.

My brand consists of: Classify Beauty Crown: Custom Wigs, Classify Beauty Closet: Shoe Line designed by me and Clothing Line coming soon, Classify Beauty Cosmetics: Cosmetic Line coming soon, Classify Beauty Lab: Hairstyling, Makeup Application, and Wardrobe Styling, Classify Beauty Blog and Vlog: Complete guide to Style, Fashion , and Beauty

Share with us your "Story",...your why,...

What made you decide to pursue your dream?

In 2015, while sitting in my office at work, one day I decided to start my blog. I wanted to highlight fashion, style, and beauty (a one stop). Classify Beauty was originally a blog created by myself. I am a all around style, fashion, and beauty lover. Fashion, style, and beauty is a way for me to express myself in a artistic manner. Classify Beauty's Blog is dedicated to bringing any and everything beauty to your fingertips. The latest fashion, hair, and makeup trends along with my personal style are highlighted on a regular basis. It is designed to empower women (like myself) of diversity who are classy, confident, and comfortable in their own skin; women who inspire others, and women who are beautiful inside and out.

What skills helped you the most on your successful career?
The skills that have helped me most succeed in my career are: interpersonal and creativity.

What role do you think social media plays in your niche today?

Social media played a huge role in my niche today. It is my main source of announcing projects. It allows me to network with like minded individuals as well as put the word out there to my target market regarding my products and services.

Please, tell me more about your current project...

My current project is Classify Beauty Closet offering a variety of products such as my shoe line (available for pre order), clothing, and accessories (on the way).

What is your BIG DREAM in your career?

My big dream is to create a one stop to style, fashion,

and beauty through products, services, and insight.

Could you please share how the audience could contact you? Instagram, Facebook, website... Thank you!


IG, FB, Twitter @classifybeauty


IG, FB, Twitter @iambrittneycc

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