I want to share with you the “pastry’s” recipe that will help you shine with your own inner light. The name of this recipe is my methodology "5 Rings Of My Life".



My desire is to accompany you

during your transformation process.




I invite you to read and underline my book, enjoy my courses and actively participate in my events, ... and above all, to apply everything that speaks directly to your heart. Take notes and create your own path to success. Use my methodology for women entrepreneurs, as a turning point,

to achieve a full and balanced life.


I will reveal step by step how to apply my “5 Rings Of My Life” methodology, developing each of the Rings that make up the different areas of your life.

Together we will implement the bases

to transform your life completely.

My Story…

Pastry cook granddaughter, born in Barcelona on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.


After having my second child I went into a postpartum depression. The tears did not let me see the sunlight for more than a year. But I never stopped fighting to smile again. Day by day I got up. And while I was doing it, I decided to do it in a way that would serve my own purpose.


For many years I had tried to be and do what others expected of me, but when the difficulties came everything just disappeared around me.


I remember fighting get up, doing it in silence, feeling completely alone. But when I had finally succeeded, I felt surrounded by an areola of power that attracted all the good things I had always dreamed of.


I asked life for an answer,

and life answered me.


Years later, life gave me the opportunity to live on the other side of the Atlantic as we usually refer to in Europe. I began to dream a new reality, in a new country. I resolved to dedicate my efforts to helping women entrepreneurs like me.


I live in a romantic city in the United States. Completely obsessed with my passion, coaching women entrepreneurs from around the world to develop personally and professionally.


Coach, public speaker and trainer member of John Maxwell Team.

Influencer, creator of the movement for women entrepreneurs #DreamsBoss.

Elisabeth Casaponsa is a coach specializing in personal branding.

Physiotherapist by Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, with the specialties of cardio-respiratory physiotherapy and pelvic floor treatment.


Piano and flute teacher by the Music Conservatori of Girona.


Founder and CEO of ELISABETH CASAPONSA, a company specialized in providing tools and training to women entrepreneurs and organizations that collaborate in the development of women. With the aim of helping to define and achieve the goals of today's women by applying her “5 Rings of My Life” methodology.


Founder of Vero Beach Fashion Week.


She currently offers coaching to women entrepreneurs, -in English, Spanish and Catalan-, in their personal and professional development.





Do not delay your success.

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